1971: Born out-of-wedlock into a Mennonite family in Central PA

1989: Attended college at a small town in Western PA

1993: Moved to Philadelphia for my first job after college. I went into CULTURE SHOCK!

I couldn’t believe all the sexual stimuli that accompanied life in the city. I was a young professional but psychologically, I was still a sheltered little girl. I was “knocked off-center” when sexual triggers popped up in my life whether they was movies, radio, television, print ads, or conversations. This continued for years despite professional gains, spiritual practice, etc.

1998: I finally found something that directly addressed my fears!

First I took an Exotic Dance Class taught by a professional stripper with 20+ years of experience. The class was my attempt to move past that culture shock that I experienced after moving from Amish country to the City of Philadelphia.

Two Students from LA with Tammy Leitzel - Instructor

2000: I auditioned and was cast in the instructional video made from that sold-out Exotic Dance class.

tammycoremovesdvd  AOED LOGO  CoreMovesDVD

2001: I became an instructor (out of necessity) when the original teacher did not show for a media event with Suzanne Roberts of CNN. Plus I became a mother of three!.

04 2002 AOED Dress Up   Teach sensual self expression - stairto

2002+: Group Classes, Workshops at Golds Gym in LA and Lots of Media Fun!


ONGOING:    I’m confident and enjoy being a woman! I know how/when to use the tools I learned through my experiences!

I now love to help other women define their own UNIQUE SENSUAL SIDE through my work as a Life Coach.  “None of us are all Madonna or Jezebel but rather someone-in-between”.

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Be free. Be happy.


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